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Talk Talk’s Digital Heroes Award 2009

Posted on 10th August 2009 by

Leading internet broadband provider TalkTalk have launched the Digital Heroes Awards, for unsung Digital Heroes across the country.

TalkTalk are working with Citizens Online to reward 12 individuals, one from each UK region, who are using digital technologies to bring about positive social change and improve local communities and the lives of local people.

Here at Community Spaces, we’ve seen some great examples of community groups using digital technologies such as blogging, Flickr and even Youtube to keep local people informed about their work and engage them in the process. Friends of Sandall Park in Doncaster, Macc Skatepark in Stockport and Friends of Abbey Gardens in West Ham, London are just a few examples of what we think are potential digital heroes.

Eleven of the Digital Heroes winners will win £5,000 to put towards enhancing their digital project, with one overall winner receiving a grand prize of £10,000. All 12 winners get free broadband from TalkTalk for 18 months.

To find out more about nominating someone you know – or even yourself visit:  and if you are nominated, then please make sure you let us know…

First Video of Community Spaces Funded Skatepark

Posted on 18th June 2009 by

One of the first videos of local skaters using the Community Spaces funded skatepark in Poynton, Stockport. Thanks Phil for sharing this with us.

Poynton Skatepark Edit from PhilH on Vimeo.

We blogged about this project back in April – you can find out more about them by following this link. Looks like this skatepark will be a well-used resource for local skaters.

Look Who’s Blogging: Macclesfield Skate Park Group

Posted on 30th April 2009 by
The stakeparks coming together...

Thanks to MSPG for the picture

The Macclesfield Skate Park Group (MSGP) have been working with Poynton Parish Plan to create a skate park in Deva Playing Fields, Cheshire. MSPG have been blogging about the project and sharing photographs of the progress that has been made.

Kate from MSPG has also blogged about the importance of extensive consultation in these types of projects – see here.

Poynton Parish Plan were awarded £25,000 from the Community Spaces programme and the project site is already looking fantastic.  Well done guys!

Are you or your group thinking about creating a skate park in your neighbourhood? Or are you already working to create one? Have you been talking to the local community and potential users of the site? What have you found?